About us

About us

July Sport Center or “JSC” is a family owned business operating in the country of Panama. It is mainly known for selling sporting goods and official fanwear like caps, local team jerseys and international club jerseys. Baseball was the initial focus of the store but then it shifted to a more general sports apparel audience now, selling international brands like Adidas, Under Armour, New Balance, New Era and more. The company has a combined trajectory of 30 years and is always looking forward to improve and innovate.

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Due to Covid-19, JSC had to find new ways to improve our business models. We currently try to have presence in every social media that is trending in Panama. JSC website is one of our weakest point as it is required to be operated by multiple people including programmers and designers which as of now we can’t afford if we want to stay in business. It is also known that the JSC website is currently outdated and lacks a lot of attention from our part. We currently have a small group of employees who are working with us trying to help the company stay afloat administratively speaking.

As stated before, because the group of people that is working on the administrative part of the company is really small we only count with the help of 2 graphic designers with little knowledge of website design and just one of them can really help us to maintain it.

It is extremely important to have a good-looking website so that we can redirect our customers to it. The art, logos and overall design is not something that we would proudly display and we want to change that, we want our website to be something that makes us proud.